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Restoration Blueprint

We are a team of disciples of Jesus, who seek to increasingly encounter and carry the presence of God, both in gatherings of the Church and in our everyday lives. We live by the Word of God and the Holy Spirit who breathes it to life. It is time for the glorious sons of God to be revealed.

Together we seek to model a family way of being the Church in daily life as well as meetings. We see in all people the image of God, however marred, and reach out to our neighbours with God's goodness, love and reconciliation, wherever we encounter them. We welcome everyone to our gatherings, no matter what their belief or background. We receive as God's family all those who proclaim Jesus as LORD and Saviour, whatever their affiliation.

'He Always Was What He Became'
We see God raising up an army of eagles who will carry the broken on their wings to God. This imminent, final unending world Revival will be broken hearts making history - broken, but now restored as glorious heirs of God, bringing His rule on earth as it is in heaven. This is the Church's finest hour; this is our time to arise and be who we always were in the heart of our Father!

We are not called to raise up a following for ourselves, but for Him: 'Your name and renown are the desire of our hearts' (Isaiah 26:8).

We put into practice 1 Corinthians 14:26 and 1 Peter 4:9-11 believing that our Father has distributed gifts and graces with all members of Christ's body, for the benefit of all. We believe the five-fold ministries of Ephesians 4 are for the equipping of the saints to do the work of ministry. We encourage and inspire the Church to reach her God-potential. He believes in you! We believe in you; you really can do all He puts in your heart. These are days when He needs us to come alive on the inside and wake up to Christ in us, the expectation of Glory.

Those who haven't yet found God as their Father need us to live as the glorious heirs of God so that they will see Jesus in us and be reconciled to Him. They too have a destiny from before the world's foundation & we can help them to re-discover it.

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Pastor Joe Corry Lakeside Family Church, N. Ireland
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andy and joePastor Joe Corry is anointed by the Holy Spirit as a carrier of the Revival presence of God in Ireland and beyond. After being a church pastor and leadership conference speaker for over 20 years, Joe had an encounter with God in February 2008 that changed him and his ministry forever. He says he can never go back to doing ‘church as usual,’ he has been spoiled for anything less than the manifest presence of God in the person of the Holy Spirit. His teaching, though inspiring and encouraging before his encounter, has taken on a new dimension of the deep Love and compassion of Jesus, to heal, set free and release people into their God-ordained destiny and purpose. Joe has a powerful and accurate prophetic gift, which demonstrates, as he prays for people, that the Father really knows them, using words and phrases that are personally significant to them. He then inspires people to be all God has called them to be, sometimes proclaiming their destiny. His wife Laura has an anointing for healing body and soul, and is also a carrier of the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. People’s hearts are melted by the tangible Love of God.
Andy and Patti first met Joe in Ireland in May 2008, he became a spiritual father and friend. The Restoration Blueprint team are blessed to have ongoing input from Joe and Laura since then.