| Meet the Team
Restoration Blueprint consists of a basic team who were together from the start, plus other friends who share our ethos and join us from time to time on ministry trips etc.

Andy & Patti Moys are prophetic/apostolic pioneers who are passionate about Revival since hosting Arthur Wallis (author of revival classic, ‘In the Day of Thy Power’) in their House Group in the ‘70’s. That passion brought them together in marriage and kept them hungry for the manifest presence of God.

They have two adult sons and a daughter-in-love who walk closely with Jesus and are also active Kingdom advancers. They are prophetic pioneers with a deep love for people, co-operating with the Holy Spirit to release gift and destiny; they both have a teaching anointing. Based in Somerset, England, they work with the following team of leaders and associate ministers, all intent on advancing the Kingdom of God, on earth as it is in heaven. They desire to see all become the glorious sons of God who will bring about the restoration of all things; (Acts 3:21). They agree with Jesus for His Church to be One Body demonstrating His Glory by the Holy Spirit. (John 17)

Andy & Patti are received as a spiritual father and mother in various church groups in the UK, Ireland and Malawi.

Tim and Elaine Bruce warmly host Restoration Blueprint's bi-monthly gatherings in their hospitable home.

Tim's anointed worship leading on keyboard, enables worshippers to sense the presence of God and to soar on eagles' wings. He is a team player, with a servant heart, who enjoys facilitating others in worship.

His first CD, 'Find Your Voice' (Tim Bruce Music) is a collection of songs to encourage your new song in God. God is giving Tim increasing opportunities both in the UK and abroad to encourage, train and support church groups and musicians to find a creative flow in worship.

Elaine is also a worshipper who expresses her deep love for Jesus through prophetic song, dance and flags. She has a gracious and compassionate love for people, coupled with an awareness of her authority in Christ which combine to make her powerful in prayer. Under the name "Fire to Create" (web link to be available soon!), Elaine is developing her creativity as a designer-maker in fused glass and ceramics. Through workshops, parties and studio sessions, she also encourages others, of all ages and abilities, to explore and give expression to the creator within themselves.

Pam Owens' desire is that all would come to know and experience, what a great God He is, and His amazing love for each and every one of us. God is at the heart of Pam's thinking and life; the reality of His Presence makes her want to leap for joy.

Since the Team came together, the tangible Presence of God has become a reality to Pam; she is grateful to Joe Corry for all he has prophesied into her life and she is living it. The impact of Joe's ministry and being part of the team has brought Pam back to life, given her hope, and activated the conviction that her life has a destiny. Pam now sees that she is important to God and that He wants to and does, perform miracles for her at work, in her family and for all those around her.

Martin Jones is a family man, first and foremost, he loves being a Dad! He and his wife Jo have 3 young adult children. Martin is an encourager and has a warm, shepherd heart for people; he often receives meaningful pictures and prophecy as he prays for people. He is also an anointed worship leader on guitar, sensitive to the Holy Spirit and bringing a strong sense of the presence of God. Martin has a gift for putting people at ease and has a great sense of humour. He is well loved and esteemed in his local church, where he teaches the word of God with a father heart.

Jenny Litten has completed the first year at Bethel's School of Supernatural ministry and has a particular interest in Danny Silk's teaching on relationships. She shares wisdom and insight.

Some of our Ministry Friends

Pastor Joe Corry Lakeside Family Church N. Ireland: Pastor Joe Corry is anointed by the Holy Spirit as a carrier of the Revival presence of God in Ireland and beyond. After being a church pastor and leadership conference speaker for over 20 years, Joe had an encounter with God in February 2008 that changed him and his ministry forever. He can never go back to doing ‘church as usual,’ and has been spoiled for anything less than the manifest presence of God in the person of the Holy Spirit. His teaching, though inspiring, funny and encouraging before his encounter, has taken on a new dimension of the deep Love and compassion of Jesus, to heal, set free and release people into their God-ordained destiny and purpose. Joe has a powerful and accurate prophetic gift, which demonstrates, as he prays for people, that the Father really knows them, using words and phrases that are personally significant to them. He then inspires people to be all God has called them to be, sometimes proclaiming their destiny. His wife Laura has an anointing for healing body and soul, and is also a carrier of the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. People’s hearts are melted by the tangible Love of God.

Rich and Lissie Gercke: Though only in their twenties, are world changers in Iringa Africa through Fisch, a project that provides foster homes and schooling for street children. This vivacious vet, who has funny stories like James Herriot, and airline pilot in training husband, are part of of new generation, 'rising up with selfless faith' to change nations.

Visit their website: Fisch

Laura Maxwell is author of 'A Spiritual Quest'. Previously a New Age spiritualist who had friendly, helpful 'spirit guides' – until she wanted to be free of them! Laura now travels to share her powerful testimony that Light always overcomes darkness, and there is true freedom in Jesus. She ministers regularly on TV and radio through her ministry 'Your Spiritual Quest'

Visit her website: Your Spiritual Quest

YouTube Channel

Bob and Linda Humphries: Teach and train believers the full power of the Gospel. The Holy Spirit revealed to Bob how to deal with schizophrenia as a prison chaplain, they went on to open a Drop-In Centre where they trained a large team in healing and deliverance. Some of their testimonies include freedom for those who, self-harm, are potentially suicidal, are barren, have failing businesses. Now they work in schools, offer personal ministry, and do training and equipping  conferences. Their passion is to see the Church rise up and take her place of dominion in Christ.

Visit their website: Kedesh Ministries

Veronica Hewins was born in abject poverty in India, her mother was mentally disturbed, which ruined Veronica’s marriage prospects – marriage being only one of two options open to destitute women. But God intervened and a marriage was arranged with a wonderful Bank employee in England! Through many serious trials, Veronica has proved the faithfulness and provision of God. She is an evangelist with amazing favour on her life to influence high-up people. She has a wonderfully entertaining catering ministry, demonstrating Indian dancing, uses of spices as well as sharing her colourful testimony. Veronica is a much appreciated speaker at Women's Institute gatherings.

Michael Marcel has dedicated his life to inform the Church in the UK about our Revival heritage, to encourage believers, using lessons learned from the past, how to prepare for the next imminent one! As well as his excellent website, he is the author of three great books, 'Now is Our Time', 'God's Heart for a Dying Land' and 'Prepare for Revival'. The latest book is endorsed by Paul Manwaring, Global Legacy Bethel Church California, Trevor of Revival Fires Dudley, and Tim Eldridge, Harrogate New Life Church– all Englishmen!

Visit his website: Uk Wells

In:courage is a resource & support ministry which enables people – individuals, families and communities – to encounter the Presence of God and advance His Kingdom : The uniting of different ministries with various gifts and abilities : Partnering together to bring men and women into God’s original purpose and design (Genesis 1:28) which Jesus came to restore (Luke 19:10). We believe the Father wants a family – people who know their identity as sons and daughters, and will play their part in transforming their communities and spheres of influence by releasing His goodness; re-presenting the ministry of Jesus and seeing the Kingdom of God come with power.

‘Rise and rise again until lambs become lions’

Visit their website: In:courage

Beacon of Light Centre Newquay: (formerly Disc soup kitchen) Elaine writes: I thank God for his supernatural provision, testimonies of changed lives - from hopelessness and despair, even suicide attempts, those who ran to us from abuse and violence & found refuge, prayer, praise, laughter and joy, the tears & sadness, the fellowship the friendships it is endless. I praise those who have courageously ridden the wave of the Spirit with us as God continues to birth new things. Let the fire of God's Spirit keep burning in our hearts to see His kingdom advance in the lives of those who are homeless and broken.

Newforms Resources is a discipleship focused ministry that provides training and support to those involved in missional movements.

Visit their website: Newforms Resources

Morning Star Europe is the UK arm of Rick Joyner's ministry. We are helping people to start small, local churches in their homes, coffee shops and work places, providing training and resources for those who wish to extend the Kingdom of Heaven in love and power in their communities and make disciples. We are also helping to establish regional ‘Apostolic Hubs’ in the UK and other European countries as bases for worship, training, business and meeting places.

Visit their website: Morning Star Europe

Global Legacy Bethel is a ministry of Bethel Church Redding, California that is dedicated to training and connecting revivalists across the globe. Their heart is to create a culture of revival in the Church.

Visit their website: Global Legacy

Hugh and Ginny Cryer are founders of Culture Changers. Their vision is to be an authentic expression of Christianity today - reaching out to those who are hungry to know Jesus better - no matter whether they are in a mainstream church or not

Visit their website: Culture Changers

New Beginnings - The 4 Irish diamonds, Diarmuid & Doreen Brosnan, Dermot & Guna Landy, meet with some of our Irish Jesus family, bi-monthly at Killarney Court Hotel, Killarney, Ireland at 12 o’ clock on Sundays. Contact: 087 7068533 or 087 9743497.

email: newbgn@hotmail.com

Hear their astounding stories! Invite these Nation changers to inspire your church group that you too can change the world!